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Here is our story…

Over the last couple of years we’ve decided that our cable bill grew out of proportion. At the same time we already had Amazon Prime and Netflix and 80% of our entertainment revolved around those as well as other free internet options. It was then that I decided to try to get rid of the TV portion of my bill. Not only were we not watching majority of the channels provided we were also fed up with watching commercials. Streaming services make it so convenient watch everything on demand it is very hard to go back to trying to watch the TV live.

We knew we wanted to keep some of the channels but to my surprise we were only watching a broadcast stations. Based on some recommendations on Amazon I went ahead and purchased cheap RCA antenna and low and behold we were able to receive 60+ channels. A lot of them in perfect HD. This was an eye opening experience. It allowed us to watch the stations we cared about and not pay a dime for the privilege. This is saving us almost $100/mo.

After using the antenna for some time we came to a realization that we need to be able to record some of our shows and games. New search started to find the perfect over-the-air DVR setup. This was right around the time that Microsoft was working to add the OTA to the Xbox One with future releases promising full DVR functionality. So we’ve purchased the Xbox and Xbox tuner and started watching TV with the ability to time-shift. To our despair Microsoft scrapped the plans to release the DVR functionality which left us dead in the water with the tuner that could only be used for time shifting. We’ve tried Tablo next and while it works fairly well for recording it is pretty bad for watching live TV. It also wasn’t very stable for us and we’ve decided to return and let the product mature before sinking a lot of money into it. Few weeks later Plex announced addition of the DVR service to their Plexpass subscribers. While trying to get our hands of HD Homerun tuner to go all out on Plex another new development came to light which made us pivot and go in another direction. Google announce addition of USB tuner support and DVR service to their Live Channels app. As luck would have it we already had the Asus Nexus Player and Xbox Tuner. It was as simple as connecting it all together using the USB hub and Android TV took it from there. Scanned out channels and downloaded TV guide. From there we are able to record and our monthly cost is exactly $0.

This is our journey so far. We went from paying $150+ per month to paying $40 for internet only.

We’ve cut our cable couple of years ago and I am hoping that our experiences will help some of you do the same and save a large chunk of your bill.