Nvidia drops the price of Shield TV to $180 while removing game controller.

We’ve all been waiting for this and Nvidia finally delivers. Same device, no controller and $20 less. I expected more of a price drop (controller costs $60 by itself) for the removal of the controller but when you consider what you get for your money it’s still a very good deal. This is an extremely powerful device that can “also” stream.

Other tiers of Nvidia Shield will be kept. So you can choose between:

Apparently this was done in response to the new Apple TV which is now finally 4K capable. There are quite a few more boxes coming in the next month or so but if you are looking for one box to do it all look no further.

Here is the recap of all the features that separate Nvidia Shield TV from the other Android based boxes out there. I think all of you cord cutters will appreciate the additional features. Obviously you can stream from majority of services but on top of that you can do following for all of you cord cutters out there:

  • Android TV Live Channels – FREE OTA DVR service with no subscription – more about it here and here
  • PLEX server – if you have local media just plug in external hard drive and you’ll be able to stream to other devices from anywhere.
  • PLEX OTA DVR and Live TV – with PlexPass – lifetime sub costs $120 (you can also pay monthly and yearly subscription) and allows you to time-shift and record live OTA TV. You’ll have to add the tuner (HD Homerun Connect or Extend) in order to take advantage of this option.
  • Tablo DVR – subscription based DVR service from Tablo – subscription costs $4/mo or $40/year
  • Amazon Video – as far as I know this is the only Android TV device that works with Amazon Video out of the box.

So if you’re looking for Over the Air OTA DVR and also want to serve up local content to other devices Shield with Plex and HDHR tuner will fulfill all of those needs and more. When you add it all up it will be around $400 but it pretty much takes care of all of my needs in one simple box and is inline with the price of Tivo Roamio OTA yet delivers so much more.

So who wins in the Shield TV vs Tivo Roamio OTA battle? If you’re ONLY looking for OTA DVR Tivo is still an easier to use device but once you start adding streaming, local media and also gaming Nvidia Shield TV is a clear winner.

The new remote-only streaming Shield is available online for pre-orders now to ship on October 18th, and will expand to select retailers at a later date.

Now we wait to see what Amazon will come up with on the new Fire TV boxes.