Best Buy has the SALE on ClearStream 4V Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna – $79.99

Looking for a great antenna? This ClearStream 4V HDTV Indoor/Outdoor antenna (C4-V-CJM) is a great choice for any cord cutter. It will pull in both UHF and VHF signals from the long distance (up to 70 miles for UHF). Comes with mounting hardware and a 20 in. mount with a pivoting foot.

Great deal if you need an antenna to add to your setup and right in time for the NFL season to start so you can watch your local team. More about how to prepare for the 2017 NFL season here.

It retails for $149.99 but Best Buy currently has it on sale for $79.99 which is $70 OFF. They also have some Open Box Antennas for $69.99 for even more savings.

This antenna and addition of one of the OTA DVRs will cover majority of most cord cutters needs. You can read more about Over-the-Air DVRs and my comparison of them right here.


Tablo SALE – Tablo DUAL OTA $50 OFF In-Store at Best Buy + 1 Year Guide Data Subscription FREE

Tablo is having a sale on the new Tablo DUAL OTA model. It is currently $50 OFF at Best Buy stores and they throw in 1 year of guide data subscription for FREE.

That means you can get the latest and greatest Tablo OTA DVR hardware – which includes on-board storage for up to 40 hours of recordings – for less than the original Tablo 2-Tuner model.

If you sign up for a Tablo guide data subscription for your new Tablo DUAL before August 19th, 2017 and use the coupon code BESTBUY1 you’ll get the first year of your guide data subscription (a $49.99 value) absolutely FREE!

This offer is valid on new activations only, for US residents who have purchased their Tablo DUAL OTA DVRs in-store at Best Buy.

NOTE – Redeeming this offer before the end of your 30-day free guide data subscription will NOT cause you to lose your trial subscription. Your first year of free guide data subscription will automatically begin when your 30-day trial is up.

You can see the comparison of the older model of Tablo to Android TV Live Channels here.

NEW Xfinity Mobile – Comcast cellular service utilizing Verizon network

Comcast Xfinity Mobile is finally here.

It has been six months since the rumors first started circulating about Comcast’s possible entry into the cellular market and today they just announced Xfinity Mobile and provided some details. Service will be utilizing Verizon network and millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots to deliver voice and data. Comcast is looking to capture approximately 130 millions of cellular customers that are within it’s foot print.

Model is similar to Google Project Fi but the biggest distinction is that Comcast will be on Verizon compared to combination of Sprint, T-mobile and US Cellular under good. Project Fi is also limited to few google branded phones.

They are planning to offer most popular mobile phones specifically naming Apple, Samsung and LG. No word on bring your own phone. Hoping this will happen and any Verizon phone will work on this as is the case with other Verizon MVNOs like Total Wireless or Page Plus Cellular.

Pricing looks better than Verizon own service on the single line and depend on the type of Comcast package you have. Since most of us cord cutters will only have internet service the price will be $65/line for unlimited data. Data is de-prioritized after 20 gigabytes of usage (compared to Verizon 22 GB).

No word if the LTE data service will be throttled as it is with other Verizon MVNOs.

Option I am most interested in is the $12/GB for all lines on your account. Since we don’t really use that much data on mobile (2-3 GB between two lines per month) this will save us a sizable chunk of money even when compared to other Verizon MVNOs.

Xfinity Mobile - Comcast cellular service on Verizon network. - Pricing Plan - Unlimited data or $12/GB across up to 5 lines of service.


Customer service will be delivered by text messaging and dedicated call center. If it is anything like their cable service then we all know how that is going to go.

Service won’t be rolled out for another few months and is currently tested by Comcast employees.

Tivo Roamio OTA – $249.99 shipped – Flash Sale – ends April 7, 2017

Tivo Roamio OTATivo just offered their refurbished Roamio OTA 500GB model on sale for $249.99. This is $50 more than their Black Friday 2016 sale and still a great deal.

As most of you already know this is by far the best OTA DVR system on the market and at this price an absolute no-brainer.

One thing to keep in mind is that Tivo Mavrik is on the horizon and while we don’t know much about this product yet it looks to position itself as a direct competitor to Tablo offering. If you like Tablo concept then it might be worth to wait for that product to arrive.

You can read more about it here and here.

Roamio OTA does it all.

TiVo Roamio OTA DVR has all the right bells and whistles to maximize any HD antenna experience. Here are some of the innovative DVR features that’ll change the way you enjoy over-the-air entertainment.

  • 500 GB storage capacity for up to 75 HD hours of recording
    Records 4 shows at once
    Access to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and more2
    Includes our innovative OnePass™ technology
    Automatically skip commercial breaks with the press of a button
    Watch shows 30% faster than normal speed with pitch-corrected audio