Plex PlexPass DVR

Plex is currently running sale on the lifetime subscription for their Plex Pass for $89.99 when FLASH25OFF code is used. Code can be used by any new subscriber and is not targeted like their other sales. This is extremely rare so if you are planning to use Plex in your cord cutting adventures it’s a great way to save. If you picked up Nvidia Shield in one of the recent sales it would be a great way to complete the package.

Plex is a very powerful software that allows you to host your own files on the server as well as record over-the-air broadcasts using it’s built in DVR feature. It is not as easy to setup as Amazon Fire TV Recast or Tivo Bolt OTA but it is extremely easy to use and it merges both your Blue-ray rips, other video files and OTA recordings into a single searchable library.

You will need some kind of server or NAS but Nvidia Shield can serve that function just fine for the smaller libraries.

You can read more about Plex and all of it’s numerous features and perks here.