Amazon just announced new Fire TV Stick which will add 4K and all three major HDR standards (Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HDR10+) as well as Dolby Atmos to this tiny device. This is by far the most powerful stick type device on the market. Dolby Vision and HDR+ are the new additions to the Fire TV line making new Fire Stick the one to get.

Brand new addition to the Alexa Voice Remote are the volume buttons which will be welcome by the new users. It also has the IR transmitter built in which will allow control of a wide range of compatible IR-enabled devices, including TVs, sound bars and A/V receiver. For simple setups with TV and soundbar this will eliminate the need for Harmony remotes which is great.

The hardware physical appearance did not change it’s still a tiny stick that jacks directly into an HDMI port on your TV. It supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5 LE and Ethernet can be added with optional Amazon Ethernet Adapter. There’s 8GB of internal storage. The Amazon logo is located on the side of the stick. 

It makes me wonder if the Fire TV “Pendant” will stick around since it seems like the stick is now more powerful with the 1.7 Ghz quad-core processor (pendant has a 1.5 Ghz one) and supporting more standards.

It is strange that it was not announced couple weeks ago alongside Fire TV Recast but maybe Amazon is trying to steal some of the Google’s thunder with the new Chromecast coming out next week.

With all those new features this will definitely be the one to beat in the streaming device market.

More to come once I get my hands on it.