Tivo Roamio OTAChannel Master CM-7500TB1 Dual-tuner DVR with program guideTivo Roamio OTA and Channel Master DVR+ are competing head to head on both features and price. They will appeal to the end users who want the product that just works out of the box with no necessity for technical know how.

Let’s see how they compare at the beginning of 2017.

Tivo user interface and ease of use cannot be matched by any of the OTA DVR solutions. It also has all of the streaming apps (Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) already on the box so it becomes a single solution for all of your cord cutting needs. OneSearch which allows you to search across live TV, your recordings and online streaming services is a tremendous time saver. SkipMode which skips the commercial block with a single press of the button is another great feature. I wish other OTA solutions would replicate it as trying to fast forward through commercials is a bit of a pain. All of this comes in a box that is extremely easy to setup and run and requires no technical knowledge whatsoever.

Tivo Roamio OTAChannel Master DVR+
TV Guide Data 14 days 14 days
TV Guide Data Search
TV Guide Data Filter
Series Recording
Live TV
Native playback
Streaming on multiple devices (1)
Tuners 4 2
Streaming Apps
MSRP $399 (1TB model) $349 (1TB model)
  1. Requires purchase of Tivo Mini (MSRP $149.99).


Tivo Roamio OTA is a clear winner here no matter what scenario you are in. Currently Amazon.com is running a sale on the 1TB model and it can be had for $369.99 shipped. Occasionaly Tivo is on sale for as little as $200 including All-In (Lifetime Guide Subscription). Most recent sale happened during the Black Friday of 2016 when refurbished Tivo Roamio OTA 500GB model could be had for $200. I honestly cannot see the reason to buy the Channel Master DVR+ at this point unless their pricing structure changes or they extend their feature set.

Tivo is by far the best OTA DVR solution on the market and if you can afford it you should look no further.