Comcast Xfinity Mobile is finally here.

It has been six months since the rumors first started circulating about Comcast’s possible entry into the cellular market and today they just announced Xfinity Mobile and provided some details. Service will be utilizing Verizon network and millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots to deliver voice and data. Comcast is looking to capture approximately 130 millions of cellular customers that are within it’s foot print.

Model is similar to Google Project Fi but the biggest distinction is that Comcast will be on Verizon compared to combination of Sprint, T-mobile and US Cellular under good. Project Fi is also limited to few google branded phones.

They are planning to offer most popular mobile phones specifically naming Apple, Samsung and LG. No word on bring your own phone. Hoping this will happen and any Verizon phone will work on this as is the case with other Verizon MVNOs like Total Wireless or Page Plus Cellular.

Pricing looks better than Verizon own service on the single line and depend on the type of Comcast package you have. Since most of us cord cutters will only have internet service the price will be $65/line for unlimited data. Data is de-prioritized after 20 gigabytes of usage (compared to Verizon 22 GB).

No word if the LTE data service will be throttled as it is with other Verizon MVNOs.

Option I am most interested in is the $12/GB for all lines on your account. Since we don’t really use that much data on mobile (2-3 GB between two lines per month) this will save us a sizable chunk of money even when compared to other Verizon MVNOs.

Xfinity Mobile - Comcast cellular service on Verizon network. - Pricing Plan - Unlimited data or $12/GB across up to 5 lines of service.


Customer service will be delivered by text messaging and dedicated call center. If it is anything like their cable service then we all know how that is going to go.

Service won’t be rolled out for another few months and is currently tested by Comcast employees.